Community Assistance

Technical Assistance from Envision Minnesota

Envision Minnesota began offering free technical assistance to communities wishing to move from ‘idea to action’ in 2012. This project is funded by US EPA's Office of Sustainable Communities under their Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program.  The Building Blocks program funds quick, targeted assistance to communities that face common development problems.

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Communities exploring options, planning together,
acting for the future

Envision Minnesota encourages sustainable development patterns that conserve farmland, forests and natural resources and that promote healthy, livable communities.

Through its Community Assistance work, Envision Minnesota assists communities to plan for a successful future in a way that balances growth with conservation.

  • We believe that citizens should have choices in how their community grows.
  • We encourage citizen input at all levels of the planning process.
  • We promote planning for a diversity of land uses, housing, people and transportation choices.
  • We believe that growth patterns and neighborhood designs should build a sense of community.
  • We encourage communities to plan for sustainable development and not just let development happen to them.

Envision Minnesota encourages communities to put their visions and plans into action by updating their ordinances to be consistent with these visioning and planning documents. This includes:

  • Updating a zoning ordinance to be consistent with an updated comprehensive plan.
  • Identifying areas that are best suited for development and establishing how that development should look.
  • Considering innovative tools to help achieve land use goals, such as an agricultural preservation program, planned cluster development ordinances, open space preservation, shoreline protection areas or establishing a purchase or transfer of development rights programs.

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